The Performance Acura Team

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  • Gerald Ramoin
    Market Area Vice President
    (888) 742-6227

  • Jill McCullough
    Communications Director
    (888) 742-6227

  • Kiley Culotta
    Retail Operations Manager
    (888) 742-6227

  • Steven Baughman
    Sales Manager
    (888) 742-6227

  • Patricia Fradenburg
    Service Manager
    (888) 784-7301

    Meet Patricia Fradenburg: The New Acura Service Manager If there is one thing you should know about Patricia Fradenburg, it is that her customers LOVE her! While walking with her to take her photo for this interview, a customer shouted her name and it was as if they were best friends. If you spend just five minutes with Patricia, it is not hard to understand why they love her; it is because she LOVES them too! Patricia takes customer service to an entirely different level and ensures the customer does not feel like a customer; she makes sure they feel like family. It is this kind of attitude and commitment that earned Patricia a promotion from Performance BMW Service Advisor to Performance Acura Service Manager. Patricia's commitment and dedication to her customers will carry over to her new Performance Acura customers. Patricia began working for Hendrick Performance BMW ten years ago in September 2007. Prior to joining the Performance BMW team, she and her husband operated their own Land Rover repair shop. Patricia knew nothing about cars, so she worked on cars for about ten months to be able to have educated conversations with her clients. This gave her great insight on Land Rover, and when BMW bought Land Rover, it was a natural progression for her to learn the BMW line. Patricia's customer service credo is premium service, all the time without fail. She understands that owning a car is second only in significance to home ownership of the list of pivotal life events. Therefore, when a customer has issues with their vehicle and their lives are disrupted, she makes her mission to empathize with the customer and alleviate their stress; she wants to make their service visits as easy and natural as visiting the grocery store, she says, a philosophy she has been employing with her BMW clients for 10 years. Now she will be working with Performance Acura customers and working in the in the trenches with her team. Patricia defines great leadership as everyone being equal, recognizing strengths and weaknesses and utilizing those for each person on the team to the benefit of each other, creating a harmonious balance. Patricia will miss her Performance BMW team and customers, but is excited to move across the parking lot to the Performance Acura team. If you see Patricia, honk as you go through the service line. It is 100 percent certain you will receive a smile and a wave. 

  • George Christon
    Acura Service Advisor
    (888) 784-7301

    My father owned a classic car restoration center and I enjoyed working there while I was growing up.

    I came to Performance Acura because I had heard it was a company that cares about its workers.
    I'm originally from New Jersey.
    When I'm not working, I enjoy working on and driving my Mustang, going to the gym, and time spent with my family.
    My idea of a good day;s work is to reach all the goals set for that day.

  • Portia Pizappi
    Acura Retail Operations Coordinator
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  • Sylvester Harrison
    Sales Manager / Portfolio Manager
    (888) 742-6227

                                             Performance Acura
                               Sales Consultant Sylvester Harrison
                           Receives Gold Level Recognition by Acura

    Sylvester Harrison was recently honored by the Acura division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., for achieving Gold level membership in the 2010 Council of Sales Excellence recognition program. This distinguished honor is awarded to a select group of Acrua Sales Consultants who consistently exhibit sales excellence and professionalism.
    The Acura Council of Sales Excellence is an annual recognition program designed to encourage proffesional development and sales excellence throughout Acura dealerships nationwide. By measuring sales volume, client satisfaction, and professional knowledge, the program identifies Sales Consultants who excel at enhancing the client buying experience. The Gold level members being recognized this year have succeeded their given objectives and serve as tested leaders at their dealerships. These esteemed Sales Consultants were instrumental in Acura's sales resurgence in 2010.

    Harrison has been named a member of the Council of Sales Excellence for the third time. He was among the 205, out of more than 2,000 Acura Sales Consultants to achieve Gold level membership in 2010. Sylvester has been proudly serving Acura clients at Performance in Chapel Hill for 15 years.  

  • Michael Barr
    Shop Coordinator
    (888) 784-7301

    A native New Yorker that tired of the cold, Michael met his wife of 30 + years in Florida, and started his family, Erin & Brian, when relocating to North Carolina in 1981. He roots for Red Sox & Gators. Michael spent decades working in the restaurant & hospitality industry and moved to the automobile industry in 1994, with a promise that he would not have to lie to a client. He has held many positions with the Honda / Volvo store, here in Chapel Hill.

    At Performance Acura, I have had a similar journey, having spent time in sales, before finding a home in our Service Department. I look forward daily,  to working with our many loyal clients, as well as encouraging new acquaintances to join our Acura family.

  • Adham Abou Merhi
    Finance Manager
    (888) 742-6227

  • Scott Baker
    Acura Client Advisor
    (888) 742-6227

  • Edgar Murphy
    Client Advisor
    (888) 742-6227

    Learn more about me.

  • Sam Tawasha
    Client Advisor
    (888) 742-6227

  • Bill Crosier
    Client Advisor
    (888) 742-6227

    Bill Crosier is a client advisor at Performance Acura. Bill spent the past 26 years in Denver, Colorado and moved back to the area, 2 months ago, to be closer to his family (as of July 2017). He is particularly good at picking the right players for Fantasy Football, as he is a reigning and past champion. His favorite superhero is Deadpool because just a little bit of humor goes a long way. The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are a favorite travel destination of Bill's. Bill's favorite racing driver is Ayrton Senna, who helped with the design and implementation of the original Acura NSX. 

  • Andrew Gloc
    Service Advisor
    (888) 784-7301

  • John Prillaman
    Service Advisor
    (888) 784-7301

  • Cameron Wiese
    Service Advisor
    (888) 794-7301

  • Matt Hassinger
    Service and Parts Manager
    (888) 784-7301

  • Chris Davidson
    Parts Advisor
    (888) 788-0750

    Chris graduated in 1991 from Nashville Auto Diesel College and went that year as a Technician assistant, eventually becoming a line tech. In 1992, he went to work in the parts department and later became the parts manager.

    Chris came to Performance AutoMall in 2010, working in the Chevrolet Subaru Porsche parts department. That November, he moved to Performance Acura and has since become a big fan of the Acura Brand.

    I have a total of 21 years in the parts side of the automobile industry and have found Acura products to have a high level of engineering and quality built vehicles. After working for the Hendrick organization for the past 2 and half years, I've realized it is the greatest company to work for.

  • Curtis Privette
    Acura Parts Advisor
    (888) 788-0750

    Curtis began as a parts advisor in 1986 for Singleton Chevrolet. He worked Coggin Pontiac from 1989 to 1993 before working at Chris Leith Chevrolet for 7 years. Curtis joined the Performance Acura parts team in 2010. He is GLAD  to be part of the Performance team.

  • Martin Ayala
    Parts Counterperson
    (888) 788-0750

  • Kevin Armstrong
    Acura Inventory Coordinator
    (888) 742-6227

  • Sydney Allen
    (888) 742-6227

  • Clay Watson
    Warranty Administrator
    (888) 742-6227

  • Rebekah Nunez
    Client Care Center Manager- Sales
    (888) 742-6227

  • Chris Johnston
    Client Care Center- Service Manager
    (888) 784-7301

  • Elida Guidry
    Client Care Assistant
    (888) 742-6227

  • Monica Alston
    Client Care Center- Service
    (888) 784-7301

  • Josh Bynum
    Client Care Center- Service
    (888) 784-7301

  • Dee Dee Williams
    Client Care Center- Service
    (888) 784-7301

  • Catie Childers
    Client Care Representative
    (888) 742-6227

  • Jim Myrick
    Client Care Center- Service
    (888) 784-7301

  • Kirk Wycoff
    Client Care Center- Service
    (888) 784-7301

  • Melanie Smith
    Client Care Center- Service
    (888) 784-7301

  • Dena Guerrier
    Business Development Representative
    (888) 742-6227

    Dena Guerrier is a Customer Service Representative in our BDC department. Dena is orignially from Queens, New York and has been in the RDU area for around 2 months (as of July 2017). Poetry, bird watching, and singing are just a few of her hobbies and talents. Dena's favorite superhero is Wonder Woman because she can do anything, while doing it with class, beauty, compassion, and intelligence. Dena once travelled to Haiti and said it was her favorite travel destination. The true draw to the area, for her, were the mountains, the people, and the food! Her favorite car is the BMW X5 and she hopes to be driving one someday soon! Her goals in life are to be the best at whatever she does, while remaining humble, and to help people anyway she can. 

  • Rebecca Catalano
    Client Care Representative
    (888) 742-6227

    Rebecca Catalano is a client advisor at Performance Acura. Originally, Rebecca is from Michigan, but has been in the RDU area for 29 years (as of July 2017). Her favorite hobbies are cooking, sewing, and playing poker. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman because she is beautiful and powerful. Rebecca says her travel travel destination is Clearwater, Florida. Her favorite car is an Acura, but it doesn't matter which one…they're all great! Her goals in life are to have a happy and healthy life, enjoy time with her children and grandchildren, and to have great success with Performance Acura.

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