Acura Leasing in Durham: Is It Right for You?

Leasing is nothing new--especially when it comes to luxury cars. Unlike with economy cars that drivers usually plan to run for a decade or more, luxury-car shoppers often are buying vehicles because they want the best and the brightest, and the latest and the greatest. And sometimes, that means getting into the newest models every few years to keep up with the times.

Leasing is the easiest way to do exactly that.

If you're looking into new luxury cars in Durham or Raleigh--or your current lease is coming up to a close--see why leasing a new Acura RDX, TLX, MDX, or NSX might be a great option for you.

The Perks of Acura Leasing

Why choose Acura?

All automakers offer some benefits and exclusive options when leasing their cars, but Acura's is one of the most comprehensive leasing plans on the market.

You can opt for a lease term from just 24 months up to 60 months--that's five years of easy leasing at a great monthly payment. Customize your lease further with annual mileage options ranging from 7,500 miles per year up to 15,000 miles per year.

If you end up with some unused miles at the end of your Acura lease--up to 15,000 miles total--you can roll that allowance into your next new Acura lease through the exclusive "Momentum Miles" program. And if, within 30 days of your turn-in date, you choose to lease or buy an Acura, the turn-in fee is completely waived.

The Leasing Lifestyle

The benefits are there--but is leasing going to be right for you?

Leasing entails paying just for the car that you use: you agree to a payment and an end-of-lease purchase price at the beginning, so that you know exactly what you'll be paying over time. This means that your monthly payment for a 60-month lease will be less per month than a 60-month loan.

There are annual mileage restrictions (that are totaled at the end of the lease--15,000 miles per year for 24 months equals a total 30,000 miles) but it's simple to budget for more miles, or even pre-purchase additional miles, at the start of your lease. And, if you're left with some extra travel miles, you won't lose them, thanks to the benefits of Momentum Miles.

Want to know more about leasing with Hendrick Acura Southpoint? We encourage you to contact us so we can tell you all about how we can tailor an Acura lease to your lifestyle.

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