Hendrick Acura Southpoint Honored With 2017 Acura Precision Team Award


Hendrick Acura Southpoint, was honored with the most prestigious award given to an Acura dealership, the Acura Precision Team award.  One of the reasons this award is so honored is because it is given to us by you, our wonderful clients.  This award is only given to a select few Acura dealerships across the country and we would love to say thank you.  

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Explore Durham, NC in a New 2018 Acura RDX

Luxury and versatility combine in the redesigned 2018 Acura RDX. This best-selling luxury crossover comes with agile performance, style, and cutting-edge technology to conquer the road ahead. Hendrick Acura Southpoint has new 2018 RDX models available right here in Durham, NC. Our staff is committed to excellence, and we strive to make sure your experience with us is a pleasure. We value your satisfaction and will work to help get you back on the road in no time. 

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Acura Awards 2018 Client Excellence Award to Hendrick Acura Southpoint



The results are in, and you, our clients, have awarded Hendrick Acura Southpoint with the Acura Client Excellence Award.  This honor is due to the steady dedication to our clients and the level of care provided to them by the Hendrick Acura Southpoint team.  

The Client Excellence Award (ACE) is a prestigious honor for us to receive and we have received it consistently because client care is our focus.  


There are several categories which the Excellence Award covers as it is a part of the Precision Team Achievement reached again in 2017 by Hendrick Acura Southpoint.  



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Acura Awards Client Advisor Edgar Murphy Gold Master by Acura Council of Sales Excellence


One of the truly great things about Acura is how they recognize and reward hard work and dedication in their employees.  Hendrick Acura Southpoint Client Advisor Edgar Murphy was recognized by Acura’s Council of Sales Excellence for exceeding his targets set by Acura and was honored at a Gold Master Level.  In his time working for Acura, Edgar has achieved Silver, Gold, and now Gold Master level and has been to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York.  

To reward Edgar’s hard work, Acura sent him to the Big Apple with all expenses paid.  

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DocuPad Makes Purchasing Your Acura Easy



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Gone are the days of spending an entire day at the dealership negotiating and signing paperwork for your new car.  Consumers are educated and aware of the inventory available to them and the price associated with that inventory. Online search and shopping have reduced car-buying stress by empowering the consumer.  Hendrick Acura Southpoint has reduced time in the dealership by adding DocuPads to the desk of our Business Managers to reduce bulky papers for the consumer to take home.  



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Hendrick Acura Southpoint Wraps up 2018 Spring Meal Drive #HendrickCares


What an amazing time we’ve had at the dealership over the last few weeks.  Our employees purchased meals to feed 250 families for the 2018 Spring Meal Drive.  In our previous blog, Spring Meal Drive to Feed 7,500 Families,  we talked about how this initiative was created by Hendrick Cares and the goal was to feed 7,500 families in the Southeast and we are so happy to be a part of such an experience.  






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Acura Service Walk Around with George Christon


Performance Acura takes pride when it comes to servicing your vehicle.  When you schedule service with us, we do what is called a Service Walk Around of your Acura to make sure the maintenance basics are covered on your Acura.  This means walking around your car and checking your fluid indicator lights, tire tread and tire pressure and other items on the checklist.


Assistant Service Manager George Christon explains in the video below, what happens during this routine walk around and talks about the checklist used by our service advisors in this process so they can provide you with the…

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Hendrick Acura Southpoint Communications Director Participates in MDA Lock Up to Raise Money for Muscular Dystrophy


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Many of us wake up each day taking for granted that our legs will not fail us when we put our feet on the ground to get out of bed.  We do not worry about the pain of taking a breath or even communicating through speech, however, there are people, adults, and children, who do not have this luxury because they live with a form of muscular dystrophy.   

Our Communications Director, Jill McCullough has agreed to be locked up in order to raise bail money to get out of MDA Jail. Your tax-deductible donation is for local children and adults…

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Spring 2018 Meal Drive to Feed 7,500 Families


Hendrick Cares has created the 2018 Spring Meal Drive,  an initiative founded by our parent company Hendrick Automotive Group .  The goal of the Spring Meal Drive is to provide 7,500 families in North & South Carolina with complete Easter dinners.  We are working with the...







[ Below: Acura Client Advisors Vinny Musewu & Chanel Norman are busy giving out Hendrick Cares bags.]




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