Acura Performance Features

Learn More about the Thrilling Acura Performance Features

If you're looking for a unique vehicle that outperforms most of the competition, consider investing in a new Acura model from Hendrick Acura Southpoint. Acura vehicles stand out from rivals for many reasons, one being their performance features. This automaker puts tons of thought and attention into how they can increase their vehicles' performance qualities, resulting in an unrivaled driving experience that is sure to add thrill and excitement to your daily travels.

There are many factors at play when it comes to Acura vehicle's performance. To help you understand why Acura cars and SUVs are such a blast to drive, Hendrick Acura Southpoint is highlighting some of the top features that contribute to these vehicles' exceptional performance and handling.


One way that Acura works to stand out from the competition is by focusing much of their effort on innovations. By producing new and exciting ways to improve their vehicle's performance, they remain in the automotive industry spotlight. This drive to be unique can is obvious when looking at their Sport Hybrid Performance. Acura engineers saw how to make hybrid vehicles better, resulting in athletic handling, instant acceleration, increased fuel efficiency, and all-wheel-drive stability.

Another area that highlights Acura's drive for innovation is their Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. This revolutionary drivetrain distributes power to all the wheels for increased traction and acceleration. Another innovation is the Precision All-Wheel Steer system, which adjusts rear wheel toe angles independently for better handling and stability. All of these incredible automotive engineering feats add to the allure of new Acura models and ensure many thrilling future trips for drivers.

Engineering High Points

Here are some engineering highlights that add to the appeal of Acura cars and SUVs:


  • Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control: This system improves overall horsepower by advancing valve timing according to the engine RPM.
  • Variable Cylinder Management: When equipped with a V6 engine, this engineering advancement improves fuel efficiency by using only three cylinders while driving on the highway.
  • Dual Clutch Transmission: Acura's Dual Clutch Transmission shifts smoother and faster than other automatic transmissions to better optimize engine power.

Chassis and Handling

  • State-of-the-Art Drivetrains: As mentioned above, the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive and Precision All-Wheel Steer systems increase Acura vehicles' performance in several ways.
  • Active Damper System: The Active Damper System works hard to align the vehicle's performance with the road and driving conditions by adjusting every few miliseconds.
  • Agile Handling Assist: To give you more confidence when taking corners, braking power is sent to individual wheels to help traces the desired path through a curve.

Body Structure

Acura builds their cars and SUVs in a certain way that improves several areas. For instance, the durable and strong body of an Acura model helps keep you safe in the case of an accident. Additionally, these vehicle's are also designed to increase aerodynamics, improving the overall vehicle performance.


Acura also puts all their vehicles through grueling testing to ensure they're ready for you to drive. Acura cars and SUVs get sent out in deep sand, snow-covered paths, and other adverse driving conditions to check for power and precision in any situation. These tests determine whether or not an Acura model will perform at the high levels you need for many miles to come.

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To see for yourself why it's so much fun to drive an Acura car or SUV, visit Hendrick Acura Southpoint to test drive a new model today. Once you're behind the wheel, you'll get a feel for all the innovation and power that Acura vehicles offer.

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