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Our Evening Serving Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill



The Ronald McDonald House Grounds


“When life becomes unrecognizable and uncertain, that’s where Hope lives.  In a place called Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill. Keeping families close at our home away from home.”


This is the mantra of the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, and it if you have ever had a chance to visit it, you will know it stands true.  A little history about the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, is they have grown from 24 rooms to 52 guest rooms. The rooms are apartment- style and are comfortable and cozy to accommodate…

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Acura Awards 2018 Client Excellence Award to Hendrick Acura Southpoint



The results are in, and you, our clients, have awarded Hendrick Acura Southpoint with the Acura Client Excellence Award.  This honor is due to the steady dedication to our clients and the level of care provided to them by the Hendrick Acura Southpoint team.  

The Client Excellence Award (ACE) is a prestigious honor for us to receive and we have received it consistently because client care is our focus.  


There are several categories which the Excellence Award covers as it is a part of the Precision Team Achievement reached again in 2017 by Hendrick Acura Southpoint.  



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Hendrick Acura Southpoint Wraps up 2018 Spring Meal Drive #HendrickCares


What an amazing time we’ve had at the dealership over the last few weeks.  Our employees purchased meals to feed 250 families for the 2018 Spring Meal Drive.  In our previous blog, Spring Meal Drive to Feed 7,500 Families,  we talked about how this initiative was created by Hendrick Cares and the goal was to feed 7,500 families in the Southeast and we are so happy to be a part of such an experience.  






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Our Last Luncheon as Performance Acura

Our last luncheon as Performance Acura was this past Wednesday and we all had a wonderful time celebrating our Performance home for the last time.  

April 16th, we will no longer be Performance Acura in Chapel Hill, we will become Hendrick Acura Southpoint and move our dealership to Southpoint with our fellow Hendrick family.   




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Hendrick Acura Southpoint Communications Director Participates in MDA Lock Up to Raise Money for Muscular Dystrophy


695 × 900

Many of us wake up each day taking for granted that our legs will not fail us when we put our feet on the ground to get out of bed.  We do not worry about the pain of taking a breath or even communicating through speech, however, there are people, adults, and children, who do not have this luxury because they live with a form of muscular dystrophy.   

Our Communications Director, Jill McCullough has agreed to be locked up in order to raise bail money to get out of MDA Jail. Your tax-deductible donation is for local children and adults…

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Spring 2018 Meal Drive to Feed 7,500 Families


Hendrick Cares has created the 2018 Spring Meal Drive,  an initiative founded by our parent company Hendrick Automotive Group .  The goal of the Spring Meal Drive is to provide 7,500 families in North & South Carolina with complete Easter dinners.  We are working with the...







[ Below: Acura Client Advisors Vinny Musewu & Chanel Norman are busy giving out Hendrick Cares bags.]




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A Week of Events at Performance Acura

This week Performance Acura took part in two events on our dealership campus, the first being on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, where our employees and our clients could donate blood during the  American Red Cross Blood Drive.  The second event was held the next day on Thursday, February 22, 2018, and was our Performance Employee luncheon.  

225 × 300  300 × 225  157 × 300


  250 × 187  250 × 166    250 × 166
Facilities manager Chet &                                                                                                          Robin Theobald with Promise Keeper Cameron 
assistant manager Melissa grilling out                                                                                        Wiese

250 × 166 
Promise Keeper Galen Koch is always making jokes.


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Performance Acura Blood Drive February 21, 2018



Visit the blood donation page and schedule your time slot visit the American Red Cross, check the time best for you, and then use sponsor code, PERFORMANCE.  You may also email to register for a time.  


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2018 Hendrick Cares Spring Meal Drive

In November 2017 Performance Acura took part in the Hendrick Automotive Group initiative, Hendrick Cares.  This initiative provided 5,000 families with Thanksgiving meals across North and South Carolina.  Performance Acura helped to contribute 280 of those meals to families in the local community through th  


The items on the purchase list are listed below

970 × 553



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Transformation Thursday February 8, 2018

Transformation Thursday is always one of my favorite topics to talk about at the dealership.  It is a topic that lights up the employee faces when Destination Southpoint is mentioned.  The phrases Destination Southpoint and Transformation Thursday are full of opportunity for growth and expansion.  Those phrases are packed with space, parking, the welcoming of new team members and customers whom we so lovingly refer to as family.

This week at the Acura Southpoint loc

Watch this week's Transformation Southpoint video

600 × 373

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