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What Happens If I Use Non-Premium Gas in My Premium Vehicle?


Fuel comes in three basic flavors: regular, mid-grade, and premium. If your vehicle requires premium fuel, that means it needs higher octane to work optimally. But does it really hurt to use regular or mid-grade sometimes? The answer is most likely yes, if your vehicle requires premium fuel: trying to save a few cents at the tank can hurt you and your wallet in the long run. 

Other things to consider: failing to use high-octane…

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The 2019 Acura Power Roundup

A closer look at most powerful models in the Acura lineup


Acura may be known for luxury, efficiency, and safety, but there are many features that also give the brand a reputation for performance. From performance-built machines to remarkable hybrid power, Acura has crafted some of the most impressive vehicles on the road that continue to impress year after year. 

Most Powerful Hybrid

Inspired by the heart-stopping performance of the NSX, this luxury sedan is…

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Acura Southpoint Named Hendrick Champion for Outstanding Performance

In January, Acura Southpoint was honored to receive the distinguished "Hendrick Champion" award for performance in 2018. As the top dealership award in the Hendrick Automotive Group, the "Hendrick Champion" title represents the highest level of achievement for dealership employees. To become a Hendrick Champion, a dealership must meet or exceed its performance goals across departments, win its respective manufacturer’s top award, and maintain impeccable customer satisfaction scores.

To us, the Hendrick Champion award recognizes of our work ethic and drive to be the best, as well as our commitment to providing the best experience possible to our customers…

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See How Acura Leads the Way in Manufacturing High-Quality Automobiles

Honda may have originated overseas, but the automaker has invested billions of dollars in manufacturing here in the US for almost 40 years since it first opened the Marysville Auto Plant in Ohio. Today, the automaker operates a dozen manufacturing facilities spread across Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia, and both Carolinas, producing the majority of its vehicles for the US market right here at home, employing more than 20,000 manufacturing associates. Recently, Honda's luxury brand, Acura, unveiled a ground-breaking new facility to manufacture the latest generation of its ground-breaking supercar: the NSX.

For decades, the Acura NSX has represented…

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Way to Go Chanel Norman!

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We love reading about your experiences with our team and how much you love your new Acuras!  We are happy to share this review from Dealer Rater about our Client Advisor Chanel Norman.  Way to go Chanel!

If you go to Hendrick Southpoint Acura, you must request Chanel Norman for your car buying experience. She is pleasantly easy to work with, only asking a few questions to get an idea of what vehicle I was looking for. I chose the 2019 RDX. She is very knowledgeable about that vehicle and was quick to get one for me to test drive…

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Our Evening Serving Dinner at the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill



The Ronald McDonald House Grounds


“When life becomes unrecognizable and uncertain, that’s where Hope lives.  In a place called Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill. Keeping families close at our home away from home.”


This is the mantra of the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, and it if you have ever had a chance to visit it, you will know it stands true.  A little history about the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, is they have grown from 24 rooms to 52 guest rooms. The rooms are apartment- style and are comfortable and cozy to accommodate…

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Introducing The All New Designed 2019 Acura RDX

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Please welcome our thrilling new edition to the Acura family – the redesigned 2019 Acura RDX! We got a sneak  peek at this stunning new vehicle for just a few hours yesterday afternoon. If you are looking for a quick, sporty and stylish new ride, the 2019 RDX needs to be on your must-see (and drive!) list.


The first feature we loved about the new RDX was the bright and aggressive diamond pentagon grille, the distinctive signature of all redesigned Acura models. It’s fresh, eye-catching, and youthful, visually expressing Acura’s desire to expand its market to include first-time or…

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