Our Last Luncheon as Performance Acura

Technician Jeremy Pendergraft and
Asst.Service Manager George Christon


Our last luncheon as Performance Acura was this past Wednesday and we all had a wonderful time celebrating our Performance home for the last time.  

April 16th, we will no longer be Performance Acura in Chapel Hill, we will become Hendrick Acura Southpoint and move our dealership to Southpoint with our fellow Hendrick family.   This is a great time for growth and exciting change, but also a time to honor what has been our home for 31 years for some of our staff.   


Our facilities team did not disappoint on the food.  A tent was set up outside with Facilities Manager Chet Wetherington grilling delicious burgers while the snow peppered the sky.  LC provided the barbeque that was out of this world and there were lots of sides and birthday cake and cookies for our March birthdays.  


Acura Technician Dennis Morrill was recognized and honored for his 25 Years of Service and was presented with a beautiful Rolex from our Hendrick corporate office. We honored 15 Promise Keepers this month and these team members are the heart of what it is to be a part of a work family, and we are all family here. They are the employees who go above and beyond to help their fellow teammate and our clients.  We had lots of people win the raffles to spin the wheel of money, and Technician Michael Robinson walked away with the grand prize.


We will carry this tradition of spending our lunch our together once a month because it builds us as a family and helps us to grow strong and bountiful as a team.  


Technician Shaun Keese and Greeter Sydney Allen Market Area Vice President Gerald Ramoin presents Dennis Morrill
his watch for 25 years of service.


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