Acura Service Walk Around with George Christon


Performance Acura takes pride when it comes to servicing your vehicle.  When you schedule service with us, we do what is called a Service Walk Around of your Acura to make sure the maintenance basics are covered on your Acura.  This means walking around your car and checking your fluid indicator lights, tire tread and tire pressure and other items on the checklist.


Assistant Service Manager George Christon explains in the video below, what happens during this routine walk around and talks about the checklist used by our service advisors in this process so they can provide you with the best maintenance information about your car.  



Your safety on the road and the maintenance of your Acura is important to us because we value you as a part of our Acura family.  We want you to feel safe and have all the information you need to make the servicing decisions best for you.  


To schedule your next service visit please contact us at 888-784-7301 or visit our website and schedule service online.  


We also have several service specials going on right now.  

Check them out below:



We have so many wonderful and exciting things happening at our dealership right now, one of them being our upcoming move to Southpoint.  Performance Acura will become Hendrick Acura Southpoint on April 16, 2018.  We can’t wait to service your vehicle in our beautiful new location.  


Our move to the Streets at Southpoint is only 5 miles from our current Chapel Hill location, but we know you lead busy lives and if you can’t make it to us to have your car serviced, no worries, we can come to you with our concierge service.  Call and schedule service with us and ask for our concierge service and we will pick up your car at your home or work, service it, clean it, and bring it back to you. This means we are only as far away as your driveway.  


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