Spring 2018 Meal Drive to Feed 7,500 Families


Hendrick Cares has created the 2018 Spring Meal Drive,  an initiative founded by our parent company Hendrick Automotive Group .  The goal of the Spring Meal Drive is to provide 7,500 families in North & South Carolina with complete Easter dinners.  We are working with the InterFaith Food Shuttle who will collect the non-perishable items our employees purchase and box and pair them with a pie and ham provided by Hendrick.


This is our second time being a part of this event and it is wonderful to see how it truly brings our team together to give back to others in our community.


It is easy to go through the day and the holidays without stopping to think if others can celebrate with things we take for granted.  Our employees can see exactly how much they are providing because they take the Hendrick Cares grocery bags we give out and they are physically involved in the giving process, it is beyond donating money, it is being a part of the act of giving.


Below is a list of the items our employees purchase for the meal drive that is then paired with the ham and pie.



We provided pizza for our employees to show our appreciation for their giving efforts and they came and picked up their bags to take to the grocery store to purchase their items.



[ Below: Acura Client Advisors Vinny Musewu & Chanel Norman are busy giving out Hendrick Cares bags.]



We appreciate our employees and our community.  We are looking forward to continuing our giving back in our new Southpoint location beginning April 16th.


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