Way to Go Chanel Norman!

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We love reading about your experiences with our team and how much you love your new Acuras!  We are happy to share this review from Dealer Rater about our Client Advisor Chanel Norman.  Way to go Chanel!

If you go to Hendrick Southpoint Acura, you must request Chanel Norman for your car buying experience. She is pleasantly easy to work with, only asking a few questions to get an idea of what vehicle I was looking for. I chose the 2019 RDX. She is very knowledgeable about that vehicle and was quick to get one for me to test drive. Since it was a weeknight, she realized that I was tired and encouraged me to think about the vehicle overnight. When I contacted her the next day to test drive a different RDX, she was very accommodating of my schedule and had the vehicle waiting for me when I arrived. Chanel is not pushy, she is considerate of your time, and she will search for an answer to any question you may have about Acura if she does not already know the answer. I purchased the 2nd vehicle and was impressed by the options that Hendrick and Acura offer. I appreciate both Chanel's and Adham's (finance) patience as I debated my purchase and associated options. I have contacted Chanel several times with questions about my vehicle and she is very responsive. She also contacted me after some training on the 2019 RDX to give me some more information and tips regarding my vehicle. I definitely recommend Chanel if you are looking to buy a vehicle from Southpoint Acura! --Kdb1123, Dealer Rater

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