Hendrick Acura Southpoint Wraps up 2018 Spring Meal Drive #HendrickCares

The Team working to assemble and pack boxes

What an amazing time we’ve had at the dealership over the last few weeks.  Our employees purchased meals to feed 250 families for the 2018 Spring Meal Drive.  In our previous blog, Spring Meal Drive to Feed 7,500 Families,  we talked about how this initiative was created by Hendrick Cares and the goal was to feed 7,500 families in the Southeast and we are so happy to be a part of such an experience.  


Our first experience with the Hendrick food drive campaign was Thanksgiving of 2017 and the goal was to feed 5,000 people.  We worked to communicate the cause, and as usual, our employees stepped up and made sure others could have a Thanksgiving meal.  The food drive for Easter was no different if anything our employees were more generous in their donation sizes.

We even had a little friendly competition between some of our employees to see who could provide the most bags of food.  


Employees were eager to volunteer to help pass out the #HendrickCares bags with the shopping list inside that make their shopping experience easier.  Hendrick Acura Southpoint Client Advisors Chanel Norman and Vinny Musewu took their lunch hour and walked around to make sure anyone who couldn’t attend the launch celebration had access to the bags.  


We also had employees take their lunch time and create an assembly line to assemble boxes, count food, package boxes, take, and stack them.  With all of the help, it took just over an hour to get all of the food packaged and ready for InterFaith Food Shuttle to pick up the boxes.  


We look forward to the Thanksgiving Meal Drive this Fall because the initiative allows us to work together as a team and physically express the goodwill that lives in our hearts.  We are proud to be a part of the Hendrick Organization and will continue to carry on the charitable name it has earned over the years.


Guest Services Representative Jackie Pluger & Client Care Representative Jorge Hernandez assemble boxes


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