Acura MDX Leases in Durham, near Cary

Drive an Acura MDX Today

Some segments of the market are starting to feel generic, but Acura models break from the pack. The Acura MDX brings style and excitement to your Cary driveway. Our team wants to show you why leasing an Acura MDX could be the right choice for your next vehicle.

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Is Leasing the Right Choice?

An Acura MDX lease could be the right choice for a variety of drivers. Comparing leasing and buying is difficult because it comes down to preferences and lifestyles. Leasing comes with a lower price, allows you to easily return your vehicle at the end of the period, and lets you take advantage of a factory-backed warranty. Leasing allows you to upgrade to the newest Acura MDX every few years to ensure you always have the most advanced technology.

Why to Choose the Acura MDX

Choosing the Acura MDX puts you in control of a model designed for a fun drive with everything you might need. You can tow up to 5,000 pounds from the 290-horsepower engine, and the interior has some of the most advanced features that keep you comfortable. Scheduling a test drive will help you see all the benefits that leasing the Acura MDX can offer.

Stress-Free Car-Shopping

We want to help you get into a vehicle that's right for your life, and many of you will find that the Acura MDX is that vehicle. Our experts will be able to help you see all the advantages of leasing and feeling confident with the plan and vehicle you've chosen.

We encourage you to reach out soon so that we can help you get moving towards your next vehicle.

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